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09 May2012 Summer is here: Try our new summer drink range!

Summer has arrived and so has Insomnia’s new summer drink range. We have developed a whole new range of Insomnia Summer Signature Drinks and re-launched our ICED beverage range: your favourite Insomnia hot beverage on ice, and our ICECAP range: a range of indulging iceblended drinks.

NEW! Insomnia Summer Signature Drinks

This year, just for summer we launched a special range of two Insomnia Signature Drinks. Two delicious, ice-cold drinks to enjoy with any of our bakery treats or lunch range or on their own as a refreshing treat. Berry & Lemon Icetea: An infusion of our refreshingly zesty BlueBerries & Hibiscus Solaris tea, mixed fresh lemon and mint. Coconut & Chocolate: What's better than the classic summer combination of coconut & chocolate on the rocks. Just imagine those warm beaches and blue seas for a minute while sipping your Insomnia Signature Drink!

Have it ICED!

        Why not have your favourite hot beveraga on ice? Choose from the ICED options: Caffe Latte, Hazelnut Americano, Caffe Mocha or Chai Latte. Like the hot version of your favourite beverage, our ICED range is included as part of our deals. Also our new salads and our summer bakery range (find out more here) can be combined with any hot or ICED beverage.

 ICECAP: Insomnia Chill menu

Our new member to the Insomnia ICECAP menu is our Strawberry & Cream ICECAP.  Also, we are still serving our most popular ICECAPs: Caramel Latte and OREO ®. Whether you’re a coffee addict, a chocoholic or a fruit fan, our ICECAP range will satisfy your craving!

Now here’s hoping for a lovely sunny summer. Enjoy!   Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news offers & information about Insomnia Coffee Company.  


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