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16 May2014 Summer Is Upon Us!

Insomnia's New Summer Range

The eagerly anticipated summer season is finally upon us, and as such we have refreshed our menus with delightful new sweet and savoury products, comprising of delicious seasonal ingredients to complement the sunshine and fulfil your appetite. The latest additions to our Summer Range include three new perfect-for-lunchtime options, the Double Egg Florentine, the zingy Lemon Pepper & Lime Chicken, and the flavoursome Thai Coconut & Chilli Wrap. This summer we decided to give you guys an early taste of what was to come from our Summer Range with our pastry from Portugal, the Pastel de Nata, this Portuguese delicacy is exclusive to our stores and only 130 calories is the perfect summer treat at only €1.95.We’re adding to our Sweet menu too, we will be introducing six new tasty treats, all with summer in mind. We will also be bringing the ultimate Custard Cream, the tea dunker to end all tea dunkers! These huge Custard Creams are sure to fill the gap, but at only 280 calories, you get all the pleasure without the guilt. We have brought Australia’s most cherished cake to our stores, the Lamington, named after the Governor of Queensland in 1896. This white cake is dripped in a sweet chocolate frosting, and then rolled in dried coconut. Our final product from our patisserie summer range is the Raspberry Robin, which has a light spongy outer layer with whole raspberries glazed in apricot jelly, a real taste of summer. We are offering a slice of summer with our all new Summer Berry Chocolate Log; this is a lighter, fruitier seasonal version of our Red Velvet Cake. We will be introducing the Iced Lemon Frangipane, a subtle flavour which does not overpower thus allowing you to accompany it with something sweeter, we recommend our new Sticky Toffee ICECAP.

The Insomnia ICECAP

The new Insomnia ICECAP menu is back, this summer bursting with more flavours than ever before! The Insomnia ICE Caps are all blended to order. With all the old favourites back again this summer with one or two delicious new flavours to mix things up! The OREO ICECAP OREO The world’s most popular cookie is blended with ice and milk and topped with Cream and OREO Crumbs to make one of Insomnia’s most popular ICECAP’s. Caramel Latte ICECAP For all the Insomniacs that still need their espresso fix , this blended frappe contains a mix of espresso, vanilla, milk and caramel syrup , topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce . Mango & Cream ICECAP This summer’s newest addition to the ICECAP family, get fruity with Mango smoothie and Vanilla Frappe blended with Ice and topped with whipped cream Sticky Toffee ICECAP The other latest addition to the ICECAP clique is the Sticky Toffee ICECAP; indulge your senses in the all new Sticky Toffee ICECAP. Toffee Caramel blended with vanilla, milk and Ice, drizzled with whipped cream and showered with toffee caramel sauce. Coffee Over Ice If it’s too hot for your favourite coffee, try it over Ice! Our iced coffees start with an Insomnia Classic and just serve it over ice. There are many varieties to choose from, why not try:
  • ICED Americano with Hazelnut or Carmel Syrup - the original ICED Coffee, very refreshing and recommend with syrup such as Hazelnut or Caramel.
  • ICED Caffe Latte/Cappuccino - these are cool and smooth - Insomnia espresso served over ice with milk
  • ICED Caffe Mocha – Insomnia Espresso served over ICE with Milk
  We have just what you need for those warm summer days (touch wood), and if you fancy something Zesty, then you’ll have to try or traditional Lemonade or our Passionfruit Ice Tea  infused with Passionfruit to make it extra refreshing. For the list of nutritional information on our Summer range, please click  HERE Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news, offers & information about Insomnia Coffee Company.


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