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15 Jun2016 Taking the Insomnia Experience Digital

Taking the Insomnia Experience Digital

We launched our loyalty programme in 2014, and we could not have anticipated the great success it would be! We have over 30,000 active members, 65% of which use the mobile app. We are now delighted to add a mobile payments feature to the treats programme!

We are focusing on improving the in store experience through the app, that will strengthen our connection with our customers and become more relevant as today's increasingly mobile - first consumer economy evolves.

With the new updated app, customers will be able to pay for their coffee using their phone! This means that they can leave their wallet and lose change at home! Its so simple to use - paying has never been easier! Once they add their debit or credit card and load funds to their Treats account, they can pay for absolutely anything using just their phone. Now with one scan, customers can redeem beans, earn beans, and pay for their insomnia favourites.

We are all about brewing fresh strategies to deliver better customer experiences, we know our customers and how connected they are and have used this to make life easier for them with this robsust app, Treats Loyalty and now mobile payments. Digital innovation is an integral part of our company's strategy and we look forward to taking another step into the digital sphere in the near future. 



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