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25 Mar2011 Thank you: 9966 Euro Raised During Fairtrade Fortnight

We love coffee, and knowing that all coffee at Insomnia is sourced from fairtrade farmers just adds to the pleasure. During Fairtrade Fortnight, you had the chance to support our farmers even more: From every hot drink, 5 cents were donated to Killenso Mokonisa.  Killenso Mokonisa is a community in rural Ethiopia. Electricity is scarce and families need to collect water from the local pump at least once a day. Water born diseases are the primary health concerns, and HIV is increasingly wide-spread.  Insomnia has been supplied by farmers from this small ethiopian co-op for several years. Recent projects enabled by fairtrade include the buidling of local primary and secondary schools, as well as the upgrading of water recycling  to protect and preserve community water sources.                                                                              . Life in rural Ethiopia is hard: most people live in mud huts with thatched roofs that don't allow for privacy. Normally, there is a single living space for cooking, eating and sleeping. Food security can be a hardship and coffee is the only cash crop. This year, the proceeds from Insomnia's Fairtrade fortnight will go towards education. While the medical facilities and water supplies are in need of support as well, the community has chosen to prioritise education. The very low literacy rates in Ethiopia show hat access to education is not easily attained. Fairtrade has been critical to allow communities send their children to school, and even some adults can now benefit from attending school. The great sum of 9966 Euro will go a long way in supporting these and more projects. We hope this makes you as happy as it makes us. Find out more about our fairtrade products here. Find out more about Insomnia & Sustainability here.
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