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19 Feb2014 The Insomnia Coffee Story

There's more to our coffee than first meets the eye. Its been on a long journey from plant to cup and we've taken care at every step to bring you incredible coffee.

Fairtrade Coffee

We launched our 100% Fairtrade coffee and tea in 2006 and since the beginning of 2011 our hot chocolate is 100% Fairtrade certified too. Fairtrade enables farmers and workers from whom we source our coffee to improve their working and living conditions and encourages environmental protection

Insomnia Fairtrade Projects

The funds raised during Fairtrade fortnight go directly to nominated Insomnia Fairtrade projects of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Ethiopia and the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania. - To Date we have raised €40,700 for these community projects

1.New Infirmary and Dispensary at the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania

-On average, 20 students are treated for malaria each week. This new infirmary will effectively take care and improve students health

2. Girls empowerment in schools in Ethiopia

-Support the most vulnerable girls with bursaries, hygiene kits and school inclusion kits

3. Library Support in Schools in Ethiopia

-Establishing school libraries – 4152 books have been purchased and 50 Dell Computers for the four OFCU High schools

Building Long Term Relationship

We have travelled far and wide to meet the co-ops and farmers who grow our coffee. They are all small farmers, so we feel it is very important that we know them and they know us and we understand their needs. By working with Fairtarde Co-ops we ensure that farmers receive an agreed standard price as well as a premium which can be used for business and community development, thus protecting the land they farm for future generations.  

The Perfect Blend

The Insomnia Blend is a unique recipe, blended just for us, and the speciality grade beans are sourced from: ● Columbia ● Tanzania ● Peru ● Sumatra Origin Taste Profiles COLOMBIA:  Medium body, subtle citric top notes, clean finish TANZANIA: Big body, chocolate malt & nutty notes, lasting finish PERU: Medium body, chocolate notes with hint of apple acidity, long and rich finish SUMATRA: Creamy body, toasted sugar & smokey chocolate notes.

Freshly Roasted Beans

Our unique blend of Fairtrade premium coffee beans is specially roasted for us weekly. The shorter the time between roasting and serving, the fresher, smoother and fuller flavoured the taste. Tasting Note: “Syrupy, smooth body with liquorice note and aromas of cherry. Through milk notes of cocoa powder with a clean, round creamy finish.” The Perfect Extraction for Espresso, the base for most of our coffees: 14 grams of Coffee, 25 seconds, 93.5˚C and 50ml of specially filtered water.

Coffee Training

50 hours of Barista training goes into every cup, all our baristas go through three levels of training, from using a hand tamper to expert latte art. Our brilliantly trained baristas and tech teams are the geniuses behind our coffee; it’s their continuous inspections of the coffee machine, temperature, crema, colour and taste, which always delivers the best cup of coffee.

The Best Cup of Coffee

Our philosophy is simple; you will get the best cup of coffee, in whichever format you choose, every time you visit our stores. Our milk is smooth and creamy and our coffees are made with low fat as standard, however you can choose whole, skim or soy if you so wish at no extra charge.

Coffee Recycling

Using coffee grounds on plants and in gardens is sustainable and beneficial.  There are three ways to use coffee grounds on your plants: as fertilizer, for composting and to control pests. Another great benefit is that the grounds are not added into landfill, so we achieve two benefits with one single action: helping you nurture your soil and protecting our environment.   Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news, offers & information about Insomnia Coffee Company.


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