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26 Oct2011 Tiff Toff in the Tuffen, Toffen into the Tiff Toff

No, Insomnia has not become embroiled in a tongue twister contest, it’s simply the name of our new Handmade Tiffin Slice created by none other than the Broderick Brothers.  Impressed by their culinary ingenuity Insomnia has linked up with the cake makers to bring their scrumptious cake bars to INSOMNIACs nationwide. Insomnia countertops are now lined with Broderick Bars, and we couldn’t help but notice that they go down exceptionally well with our teas and coffees!  The mouth-watering cake bars range from Road Rocking Choc Choc Block (Handmade Rocky Road) to Belgy Nicker Nutty Drippy Drop (Handmade Belgium Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar).  And with names like that you can guess that the recipes don’t come from the most conventional of bakers! Barry & Bernard are the proud Broderick Brothers who began making and baking together in their Mammy’s kitchen many years ago.  Although possessing extraordinary talent in the kitchen the bickering brothers are never too far away from blowing a fuse off one another!  But at least now there is one thing the unlikely Irish duo can agree upon - their delectable delights teamed with a Fairtrade & Organic Insomnia Coffee are a perfect match! All of the Broderick Bars listed below are available now at your Insomnia, we hope you enjoy them!
  • Tiff Toff in the Tuffen, Toffen in the Tiff Toff (Handmade Tiffin Slice)
  • Road Rocking Choc Choc Block (Handmade Rocky Rock)
  • Paw, Paw & Fruity More More (Handmade Yogurt, Mango & Papaya Bar)
  • Belgy Nicker Nutty Drippy Drop (Handmade Belgium Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar)
  • Rollypolly Crunchy Oats in a Stickywicky Coat (Handmade Granola Slice)
  • Tasty Choc Berry & the Nut Nut (Handmade Chocolate Cranberry Nut Bar)
  • Mmmolten Mmmelted Mmm Mmm Carammmel Mmm Mmm (Handmade Caramel Slice).
  • Chilly Brrrr Brrrr Slippy Slice (Handmade Winter Slice)
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