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07 Apr2020 Traditional Tea Brack Recipe

Traditional Tea Brack Recipe

Traditional Tea Brack

Our Traditional Tea Brack is a classic favourite in stores and now you can recreate it with this delicious recipe. Did you know that our Tea Brack is award winning also? Our supplier Sweet Things Bakery won a Gold Star at the 2019 Great Taste Awards! 

Ciara, from Sweet Things, has kindly shared her own recipe with us so you can a little Insomnia at home: "A good Tea Brack is simple to make and requires minimal prep and ingredients. You will have most of what you need already in your kitchen cupboards. You want to achieve a nice moist cake. You can add an apricot glaze when cooled to give it a sticky finish... Let the kids get involved by mixing the batter! Enjoy, Ciara". #InsomniaAtHome


  • 225g/ 8oz Self Raising Flour
  • 350g packet of Sultanas (mixed fruit/ raisins work also)
  • 350ml / 1/2 pint of Hot Tea (choose your favourite plain drinking tea)
  • 125g/ 4oz Golden Caster Sugar (Brown sugar works here too)
  • 1 egg, beaten


1. Place fruit in bowl and the hot tea. Allow to soak for 2 hours. If you use cold tea, the fruit needs to soak overnight.

2. The fruit should have absorbed all the liquid. It's fine if there is a little tea left in the bowl - you can add this to the mix, and it will give you a moister cake. Add the sugar to the fruit and mix until well combined

3. Next add the egg and mix until well combined. 

4. Finally, add the flour and mix until well combined. If you feel the mix is a little dry, then add a little water.

5. Transfer to a greased and base lined 900g/ 2lb loaf tin or a 20cm/ 8" round cake tin.

6. Bake in a preheated oven 170 degrees Celsius/ 325 degrees Fahrenheit/ Gas 3 for approximately 1 hour or until risen and firm to the touch.

7. Cool on a wire tray

8. Extra - If you like a sticky brack, boil up a little apricot jam and brush over the cake.

Serving Suggestion: When the cake is a couple of days old, it is amazing toasted and served with some butter!



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