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25 Oct2016 We’re open in Sligo!

We’re open in Sligo!

Sligo is one of Ireland’s largest towns. In fact, it is the second largest urban centre in the West, with a population over approx 20,000. Rich in history, culture and heritage, Sligo is a popular destination spot for tourists.

We are now lucky enough to have joined the coast with our first Sligo store which opened yesterday in the Quayside Shopping Centre. Alina, our store manager has been with the Insomnia team for a while, living in Dublin. She has since relocated with her family to Sligo. Alina had only visited the town twice before taking the role. She fell in love with the friendly people here, and this helped make her decision to make the move.

Our supervisor, Emma has recently just come back from travelling in the land down under. She is settlying back home in her native Sligo and has gained quite a lot of experience in the retail and coffee industry when she was in Australia. She can't wait to bring these Aussie skill set to Insomnia Sligo.

Originally from Poland, our barista Agata is the creative guru of the team. With her extensive coffee and latte art skills, watch her change your cappuccino into flowers, spirals and even animation characters. Although Agata is not a local, she has a very decent Sligo accent!

Barista Nicola, is also just back from her travels in Canada, has taken a keen interest in the coffee industry and wants to further her knowledge and progress her development in the events trade.

Our barista, Blaithin, loves to bake and is mostly looking forward to having regulars in the store and meeting the friendly faces that she knows from the area. Megan, our last barista, is the music maestro of the team, and will keep the store entertained with some of her music!


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