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24 Aug2016 We’re open in SPAR East Point

We’re open in SPAR East Point

EastPoint is home to a thriving mix of indigenous Irish, and multina tional companies. The business community has over 50 companies, employing over 6000 people. The area is surrounded by waterfront walks along the docks. It is Dublin’s only central office park and easily accessible throught the Luas.

We're now happy to announce our latest opening with concession store SPAR in East Point. We are located in Block E of the business park. Our manager Rafal, is looking forward to the new store opening in the area. Originally from Poland he is now settled and living in Sandymount. He absolutely loves coffee and hence why he enjoys working as a barista so much! His favourite drink is a cappucino and in his opinion it is going to be a favourite among the locals.

Xin Xin, our new barista, is currently living in Tallaght and she says that her favourite thing about the area is the customers themselves. She has a great relationship with Insomnia regulars and enjoys the atmosphere arond the shop! Her ultimate career goal is to own her own coffee shop some day.


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