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07 Jun2016 Yum-ita Granita - Introducing our Latest Summer Drink!

Yum-ita Granita - Introducing our Latest Summer Drink!

Introducing Insomnia's Strawberry Granita

Introducing the latest addition to our Ice Drinks Summer range, with the Strawberry Granita! With the summer in full swing, we wanted to give our customers another tasty treat to enjoy, and we’re sure the Granita will be a summer hit!

A Granita, if you're not too sure, is somewhere between sorbet and a snow-cone, it's the perfect refreshment for those hot summer days we wish we had more of in this country!

To be a bit more precise, a Granita is an Italian frozen dessert very similar to sorbet, except that a Granita's texture is coarser and flakier - like eating snow! It's briefly crunchy at the first gulp and then melts deliciously in your mouth.

Try out this yummy ice drink when you’re next in store and let us know what you think.


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