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Insomnia Fairtrade Projects

Our Community Projects

Every year, since 2009, we have taken part in Fairtrade Fortnight, where a percentage from each hot beverage sold is donated to our nominated Insomnia Community projects. Thus far, we have raised over €107,389 for these nominated community projects.  


This year we are working directly with the producers of our hugely popular Voyager Coffee, the Manizales Coffee Cooperative. 5 cents will be donated from every Fairtrade Beverage sold during Fairtrade Fortnight, February 25th to March 10th 2019. 


  • Provide eco-efficient cookers and kitchens to families and improve coffee quality conditions at farm level.
  • Improve health and living conditions of cooperative members and their families
  • Aid environmental protection; resulting in a reduction in the demand for wood to a sustainable level
  • Empower women at farm level

Manizales Coffee Cooperative

The cooperative produce our  Voyager Medium Roast which provides a sweeter taste, it is balanced with both acidity and sugar and has notes of dark chocolate, malt, red fruit and a little squeeze of grapefruit.  We recommend that it is served as a Flat White or tall sized coffee.   

The Manizales Coffee Growers' Cooperative was founded on 22 August 1960 with the aim of providing coffee producers fair prices, cash payment and fair weight when buying and selling coffee. Today, with 59 years of experience, the cooperative ensures the collective interests of its members by providing commercial and social programmes and services to improve the quality of life of farmers and their families. The social programmes include pensions, an education programme, health services and funeral grants.


In 2018, we raised €15,210 which went directly to our nominated project of the ASOBAGRI Coffee Cooperative, in Guatemala, with the aim to empower Women within the coffee industry in Latin America.


  • Improve market access for coffee produced by the female members of the ASOBAGRI Coffee Cooperative
  • Promote the participation of women in the cooperative activities
  • Develop a coffee retail outlet for ASOBAGRI
  • Brand identity development for two coffee profiles produced by women

ASOBAGRI Coffee Cooperative

ASOBAGRI has 278 indigenous women members involved in the production of Fairtrade coffee. The cooperative has been prioritising the inclusion of Women in the association governing bodies and in the decision-making processes, to rule out decisions in favour of gender equality in local organizations like municipalities, associations, financial and companies in Guatemala.

Women in ASOBAGRI have a certification for the coffee they produced - “Coffee in Women’s hands”, which allows them to sell in special market niches.  This is an achievement for ASOBAGRI and for the women who have been fighting discrimination and impartiality in Guatemala.


In 2017 Insomnia's Fairtrade Community Project raised over €14,305 through Fairtrade Fortnight and 100% of this money went directly to the ACPC Pichanaki Coffee Cooperative (CAC PICHANAKI ACPC), in Peru.

The project contributed to the construction of a Youth Centre for young members and the children of members and workers involved in production of Fairtrade certified coffee in Peru. 

The young members of the Fairtrade certified coffee cooperatives in the Junin region can now use the Youth Centre facilities to hold social and cultural activities, including:

  • Training of young coffee growers in the Junin regions, with a view to include youth in the coffee business;
  • Develop events and courses in technical training and business management for young members of the coffee organisations;
  • Develop cultural events for youth.

ACPC Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative

ACPC Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative is an organisation of 302 coffee producers (64 women and 238 men). Founded 15 years ago, it became Fairtrade certified in 2009 and now sells its coffee to Canada, the US and throughout Europe, continually improving its quality and sustainability. As part of its effort to ensure its future, the cooperative believes that it is essential to involve its young members and the children of its members, encouraging their commitment to the organisation. To this end, this youth centre will improve and professionalise the training of its members in tasks such as pruning, seed management, pest and disease assessment, waste water management, quality control, coffee roasting, barista training and business management.

The immediate beneficiaries are the 100 young coffee farmers and children of members and workers in ACPC Pichanaki coffee cooperative and 10 other small coffee cooperatives in the Junin region.


The funds raised during Fairtrade Fortnight from 2014 to 2016, have gone directly to the construction of a student Infirmary and Dispensary for the Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania, our nominated Fairtrade project.

The objective for this project, which started back in February 2014, and raised over €37,182, was to take care of student’s health, ease the school nurses burden of commuting to and from hospitals, while also greatly reduce involving healthy students in nursing the sick and therefore ultimately promote students’ academic performance.

Hekima Girls School Background

The Hekima Girls School is located in the rural village Kashozi, 12 km NW of Bukoba town. The school was primarily set-up to rescue young women by providing them with quality education especially those from poor economic backgrounds who would otherwise be faced with hostile cultural, economic, academic and social injustices.

One of the most pressing challenges is looking after students health, on average, 20 students are treated for Malaria each week, needing bed rest of 2 to 3 days. The new Infirmary can house 10 students, 1 nurse’s bedroom, a small simple kitchen and dining room, a pharmacy, a laboratory and examination room. The infirmary helps combat Malaria and other diseases, minimize the possibility of students being infected with other illnesses by patients outside the school and providing the school nurse ample time and space to take care of all the sick students so healthy students can  concentrate on their studies.

Here's some milestones that lead to the successfull conclusion of this project:


  • January: Project Gets the Green Light
  • February: Fairtrade Fortnight raises €11,648 for this project
  • November: Begin the initial stages of the build


  • January: Foundation construction work beings
  • February: Fairtrade Fortnight Raises €12,031 to continue this project
  • March: The foundation excavation, concrete, wall, beam and backfilling are all nearing completion
  • July: Finishing work has started with floor concrete already laid; and plastering and ceiling work ongoing


  • January: The build is complete and the Infirmary starts to provide medical services to students
  • FebruaryFairtrade Fortnight Raised €13,503 to ensuring the newly built Infirmary and Dispensary had all the required equipment (medical supplies, blankets and bed sheets) needed to effectively take care of student's health

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