Coffee to go

Coffee to go

Insomnia Coffee To Go

Premium Fairtrade Coffee - Automated Customer Experience - Coffee Personalisation

We are Ireland’s Leading Independent Coffee Chain and from our very first coffee shop in Galway back in 1997 to the 175 stores we now have in Ireland and the UK, along with over 500 self-service, our promise has always been the same “ You will get the best cup of coffee every single time you visit” and now with our Insomnia Coffee To Go offer, we hope to make great quality Insomnia Coffee even more accessible to consumers throughout the world.

Insomnia Coffee To Go offers your customers and clients the opportunity to enjoy the finest cup of Insomnia Coffee conveniently with a wide selection of Coffees, as well as our delicious Hot Chocolate. You will be supported every step of your To Go journey by our Industry best team, underpinned by 25 years of Insomnia Coffee knowledge and expertise.

Coffee to go

What Customers Want

  • Coffee to Go
  • Convenience 
  • Fast Delivery
  • Great Taste
  • Consistent Quality
  • Intuitive Experience 
  • Touchless Use

The INSOMNIA COFFEE TO GO machine freshly grinds the same unique Signature blend of Beans that we use in every store to create the perfect Espresso and only uses fresh milk to create a variety of barista quality coffees from Americanos to Lattes.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features
  • Fast & reliable 
  • Quick & Easy to Use 
  • Contactless Payments 
  • Simple Maintenance & Servicing 
  • High Street Tested Technology 
  • Coffee Customisation: Make your drink, your way 
  • Customisable User Experience: Tailed for your operation 
  • Integrated Service Support 
  • Barista Quality: 100% Fresh Roasted Coffee & Milk 
  • Touchless Operations: App available for contactless ordering 
  • Auto Stock Management

A Slick Customer Experience

Coffee to go - just the way you like it!

  • Select Your Coffee
  • Customise
  • Make Payment
  • Brew Coffee & Go

The Insomnia Coffee To Go machine freshly grinds the same unique signature blend of beans that we use in every store to create the perfect espresso and only uses fresh milk to create a variety of barista quality coffees from Americanos to Lattes. Customers can also personalise their order, choosing from 9 hot beverages along with a range of syrups. Payment is made easy too with contactless payments.

Insomnia Coffee to Go offers a unique opportunity to surprise and delight customers with our premium Fairtrade Coffee but with the added convenience of an automated self-service machine.

A Slick Customer Experience

Drinks & customisation

Order personalisation is just as important even when using a self-serve machine. Customers want choice and quality. Insomnia COFFEE TO GO gives your customers maximum control and customisation, so they walk away with a hot drink, just the way they like it.

Everything you need

  • Sugar Sticks – Brown/White
  • Small/Medium/Large Cups – 12oz, 16oz, 20oz
  • Accompanying Lids
  • Bamboo Stirrers
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Napkins
  • Clutches

Hygienic Ordering & Contactless Payment

Quick contactless ordering via QR Code, no app needed. Contactless checkout also available via card machine or mobile phone. 

Emailable receipt option also available.


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