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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insomnia Treats? 

Insomnia Treats is our loyalty programme that allows you to build up points and earn rewards as you purchase. Just search for the Insomnia Treats app in your app store and you can register for an account. We have upgraded the Treats programme and it has a brand-new look and tonnes of exciting features. 

Key Features:

  • Free Coffee upon registering via the app
  • Every 10th coffee free
  • Free birthday treat 
  • Free seasonal drinks
  • Personalised offers/coupons depending on your purchases
  • In app wallet and top up capabilities
  • Earn and redeem credit on all purchases: 2 cent for every euro spent
  • Click and Collect: 
  • Online Shop: Coming Soon
  • Tiered system to reward our most loyal customers: Coming soon

Can I download the app to any phone?

Yes, we've designed the app for both iOS and Android phones. Just go to your app store and download. 

How do I register for an Insomnia Treats account? 

Register a new account by downloading the Insomnia Treats app to your phone and click Register.

You can also sign up online here.

How do I upgrade to the new Insomnia Treats app?

If you were already an existing member of our old Insomnia Treats programme, you need to update the app in the app store/play store in order to use it. Then log in with all your previous details. No need to re-install it. When you enter your email address a 4-digit code will be sent to your email address. 

I never received my verification code via email?

Please check your spam/junk folder in your emails. 

Can I still use my card in store?

Yes, you can have upto 3 cards/fobs on your account. 

What’s new about the Insomnia Treats App? 

The Insomnia Treats loyalty programme app has undergone an upgrade making it easier to use and navigate, as well as giving you some unbeatable offers!

Some of the changes you will see on the new app are:

  • My Profile: Click your name or the Insomnia Treats logo at the top left of the app to view your profile. You can update your details here, view your ID code and view your activity e.g. previous purchases and transactions. 
  • Credit: Your “Emoney” and “Beans” are now called Credit. You can top up this Credit via the app and use it against purchases. You earn 2 cents towards your credit with every euro spent.
  • My Gifts: All your gifts/coupons are now visible under My Gifts in the app. This includes your birthday treat, seasonal coupons, and any other special offer. You can see what coupons are on your account and their expiration date, so you’ll never miss an offer.
  • Punch Cards: This is where you will track your “cups”. You can track the progress of your 10th free cup. Our system will automatically add a punch to the card every time you a purchase a cup. Your 10th cup is on us and you can use this free cup whenever you want!  
  • ID Code: This is the QR code that identifies you in the till system. This is what you will scan at the till so we can receive your details. 
  • Locations: See all our locations throughout the country and view their contact details, opening hours and address. You can view the map to see which store is closest to you. 
  • In app notifications: So you will know what’s new in your account and you will never miss an offer.
  • Feedback: You can leave us Feedback by filling out our short survey. Click the three dots in the top left corner and select “Feedback”
  • Loyalty Cards/Fobs: We are moving away from plastic cards and fobs. Cards can still be used by those who require them but we will no longer be promoting them at till point. Please get in touch on the email below if you would like us to add a card to your account. 
  •  Click and Collect: Click the ORDER button and order your favourite items right from your phone and pick it up in store.
  • Online Shop: Coming Soon. Customer cans order retail items and get them delivered to their door. 

How do I collect Insomnia credit?

Every time you make a purchase in Insomnia, you can scan the ID Code in your app or give your phone number to the barista or, scan your card/fob. That way you will be rewarded with 2 cent for every euro you spend. This gets transferred to Credit on your account. 

How can I spend my Insomnia credit?

You can build up your credit and redeem it against any purchase in store, or online via the Click & Collect service or Online store! 

If I have the Insomnia app, do I need a card/fob as well?

No, the Insomnia app is the main communication tool for the loyalty programme and the easiest way to see all your information. If you don’t have your phone on you, you can give the barista your phone number at the till to add credit. You no longer will need a card/fob. 

How can I check my balance?

You can check your credit balance on the app, online via our web portal, or in store with our baristas by scanning your ID code/ giving your phone number.

How can I receive emails from Treats?

Please update your preferences under "My Profile" in the app to allow Email. Keep an eye on your spam folder too . 


What are the benefits of using Insomnia Treats in-app wallet?

The in-app wallet via the Insomnia Treats app allows for increased convenience and speed during your transaction in store. You can top up and use this credit to pay for any purchase quickly and easily in store without the need to worry about cash or cards!

You can also use your credit with our Click & Collect service and our Online Shop.

How do I top up? 

Insomnia Treats app: Click Credit on the home screen and select an amount you wish to top up by. You can top up by €5, €10, €15, €20, €25, €30, €40, €50.

In store: You can also add credit by asking a barista in store while at the till. 

Do I need to be registered to use credit and in-app wallet?

Yes, all customers must be registered on the loyalty programme to use the credit and in-app wallet feature.

Where can I see my past transactions?

All of your past purchases and credit transactions can be seen on the app under My Activity or you can log into your Treats account (HERE). Your transactions are also on your receipt any time you make a purchase and scan your account in store.

Is my mobile payment balance refundable?

No your mobile balance is non-refundable, non-transferrable and there is no cash back facility.

Are my card details safe?

Yes they are. Card details are processed by a payment processer which is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We do not save your credit card details other than the last 4 digits and expiration date which will be saved together along with your name. 


Are Insomnia Gift Cards accepted in all your stores?

Currently, our gift cards are only accepted in Ireland in our High Street stores. A list of these stores can be found here.

Can I return an Insomnia Gift card?

No, gift cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can I add a Gift Card to my Treats Account?

Please contact treats@insomnia.ie if you would like to add your Gift Card to your Treats account. 

Contact us at treats@insomnia.ie if you need more information on our Treats programme

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