Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards

July 10th 2023

Celebrating our Long Service Awards

We recently gathered to celebrate our Long Service Awards. Take a look at the afternoon we had, celebrating the many team members who've contributed to what Insomnia is today!

A strong and vibrant company is built on the dedication and loyalty of its employees. Recognising this invaluable commitment, Insomnia recently held its Long Service Awards ceremony. This event not only celebrated the individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts to the company but also showcased Insomnia's commitment to creating a nurturing and fulfilling work environment.

Celebrating our Long Service Awards

Acknowledging our Employees

The Long Service Awards were designed to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of employees who have remained committed to the company for many years. From the dedicated baristas, hardworking supervisors and store managers, to the head office and senior management teams, each recipient demonstrated unwavering loyalty and played an integral role in shaping the success and growth of the company.

20 year at Insomnia

Mary, Sherry and Margery our longest serving Café Managers

The awards ceremony provided an opportunity to recognise employees at various milestones of service, ranging from five to twenty-five years.

A special shout out to Mary, Sherry and Margery our longest serving Café Managers celebrating an amazing 2️0 years with Insomnia Coffee Company.

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